Another Lawyer Suicide. Wake Up!

Note that Reed Smith had recently named another lawyer to “co-chair” the department Mr. Dolin previously chaired solo.  This is, of course, a euphemism.  Mr. Dolin was no longer bringing in the numbers and was being gently shown the door.  Or maybe not that gently.   He worked in corporate and securities.  It’s not hard to puzzle out which way the numbers were trending and why. 

My condolences go out to Mr. Dolin’s family, and in linking to this article it is not my intention to demean this man or cause pain to his family.  But come on.  Lawyers are killing themselves, people.  The ABA is doing nothing, the states are doing nothing, the firms are most assuredly doing nothing.  The best it seems anyone is willing to do is prescribe.  Depressed?  Here, take some Soma.  Suicidal because your firm just told you to start looking despite the fifteen years of hard labor you’ve given them?  Take some Soma.  You’ve only been a partner for six months but the firm’s dumped all of its debt in your lap?  Take some Soma.

And properly Soma-tized I’m supposed to go out and speak to new bar admittees about the pleasures of practicing law; to high school kids about a career in the law; to MY kids about how wonderful mommy’s job is.  Well, I don’t want to anymore.  And apparently neither did he.

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