To the Stranger in the Elevator – Thank You

For your kindness.  For seeing me cry and refusing to pretend that I wasn’t there.  For turning to someone you had never seen before and would likely never see again to tell me that you hoped my day would get better.  For reaching out and touching my arm in a gesture of simple human compassion. 

I was in the middle of a heated mediation conference.  My clients were difficult, the opposition was difficult.  My phone rang at the conference table and it was my secretary, calling to give me yet another piece of horrible news relating to the dissolution of my former law firm.  I tried everything to hold back the tears, didn’t do very well, hid in the ladies room for a while trying to get myself together because I didn’t want my clients to see me in such a state.  Finally slipped into the elevator to grab some fresh air outside.  Hoped to get away from the building without seeing anyone, but one floor down you joined me. 

Things haven’t gotten any better, I’m sad to say.  But the fact that some humanity remains in the world gives me reason to hope.  At least until the next disaster comes my way.

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